Applying AI for Social Good – Session Report

March 26, 2020


In March 2020, members of the Digital Leadership Forum held the third in our series of quarterly AI for good events, supported by our technology partner, Dell.

The aim of the AI for Good programme is to encourage cross-industry collaboration on key ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence and its implementation within organisations.

Representatives from leading organisations met at CMS in London to discuss applying AI for social good, learn from academic and field experts, and work collectively towards developing professional best practices in a rapidly evolving technical and regulatory environment. 

Attendees heard presentations from Panakeia Technologies, Darktrace and DEFRA. Additionally, a panel discussion was held with industry experts from CMS, Exscientia and Panakeia Technologies.

Attendees also discussed how to address key challenges, risks and ethical questions that come with AI, and how we can reassure both businesses, and the public, that AI can be used for social good. 

Watch the presentations below:

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AI for Good

AI for Good – in partnership with Dell Technologies – is a programme of dedicated learning and development events which are designed to enable members of the Digital Leadership Forum to innovate with new AI technologies in a responsible way.