How will disruptive forces radically transform the industry?

Thursday 14th Jul 2022 @ GMT 14:00 - 15:00

Zoom | UK

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What is a DLF event

The Digital Leadership Forum is a membership community of innovative digital leaders from world leading brands. Each month we host interactive knowledge-sharing sessions for our members where you can share experiences and gain fresh insights to drive your digital transformation strategies.

About the event

‘Many aspects of banking and capital markets are being attacked by new competitors, whose chief weapon is an ardent belief in the power of technology to upend conventional wisdom and transform banking.’

Whilst technology is rapidly evolving, the financial services industry is facing an increasing urgency to digitise. This new ecosystem of disruption is challenging businesses and asking them how they will utilise these forces to transform. Customers have new service expectations in terms of user-friendliness of the interface and transparency.  

The industry can benefit from these developments, which will allow the broadening of financial access, introduce new products and services, and serve customers more efficiently by deploying new technologies internally or in partnership with external innovators. 

Join this session to:

  • Discover key disruptive trends, like blockchain, robotics, and AI, that can be transformed into opportunities for the financial service industry
  • Develop your knowledge on the importance of understanding digital currencies and how businesses will be impacted if these currencies are not supported
  • Explore how the financial services industry can adapt to a consumer-driven force to understand what the consumer wants and needs