Leading your Organisation to Responsible AI – Session Report

July 22, 2019


In July 2019 the Digital Leadership Forum held the first in our series of quarterly AI for Good events, supported by our Technology Partner Dell Technologies.

As machines become better and smarter at making decisions, the question of how we ensure their ethical behaviour arises. This was one of the topics debated at the Digital Leadership Forum’s “Leading your organisation to responsible AI” event, hosted by Lloyds Banking Group in London on 19th July.

The session was the first instalment of a series of events, part of DLF’s newly created “AI for Good” initiative. The project, supported by Dell Technologies, aims to help organisations deploy ethical artificial intelligence (AI) in their products and operations. The event kicked off with a discussion of a “black box”, a traditional AI model – based on the idea that the more data-heavy and complex the system is, the more accurate the model is. However, this does not always work in practice and makes it more difficult to determine the outcome. For example, a bank might decline a mortgage application based on the AI model’s recommendation and then fail to explain to the consumer why this occurred.

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AI for Good

AI for Good – in partnership with Dell Technologies – is a programme of dedicated learning and development events which are designed to enable members of the Digital Leadership Forum to innovate with new AI technologies in a responsible way.