Digital Marketing Trends 2020 – Session Report

December 16, 2019


In December 2019, members of the Digital Leadership Forum met at Schroders in London to discuss digital marketing trends for 2020.

Representatives from leading organisations including Pfizer, LV=, EDF Energy, Schroders, Octopus Investments, BDO, and many more discussed how they are preparing their digital marketing strategies for 2020.

Key topics included the role of employee advocacy within an organisation’s marketing plans and how to manage increased personalisation capabilities responsibly and effectively.

Attendees began the session by breaking into smaller groups to discuss their success stories, challenges, and learnings from 2019, as well as the digital trends that they are focusing on for 2020. Discussion topics included:

  • Content marketing and personalisation
  • Search and SEO
  • Data, analytics and measurements
  • Website customer journeys
  • The role of influencer marketing.

Attendees then heard presentations from companies working at the forefront of new digital marketing trends. Rebecca Allen, Chief Commercial Officer at Codec, explained how brands can tap into cultural networks that align with their values in order to engage new audiences.

We then heard from Dominique Elsey, Enterprise Marketing Specialist at Hootsuite who spoke about Hootsuite’s 5 Social Media Trends to Watch for 2020.

Finally, we sat down with Igor Volzhanin, CEO of Datasine to discuss how brands can use AI, psychology, and semantic content analysis to personalise the ways in which they communicate with their audiences, and the opportunities that increased personalisation may present marketers in the future.

Download the full report: