The Ethics of AI – Session Report

October 25, 2019


In October 2019 the Digital Leadership Forum held the second in our series of quarterly AI for Good events, supported by our Technology Partner Dell Technologies.

Representatives from leading organisations met at The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence session at Barclays Rise in Shoreditch to discuss the challenges of ethical AI, learn from academic and field experts, and work collectively towards developing professional best practices in a rapidly evolving technical and regulatory environment.

We heard from Dr Karina Vold, who challenged attendees to consider whether AI systems could be used to complement and extend our cognitive capabilities in more advanced and sophisticated ways than they are currently.

“What are the kinds of things that we can use AI for to offload some of the tasks that either we’re not good at, we’re just not built for, or that we just don’t like doing?”

Dr Brent Mittelstadt reviewed the current landscape of AI ethical frameworks, identifying four recurring principles that are common to biomedical ethics, and arguing that using biomedicine as a baseline is an inadequate solution for AI.

“The challenge – for businesses, for governments, for researchers – is that we have all these frameworks and depending on where you’re operating potentially more than one of them applies to you,”

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AI for Good

AI for Good – in partnership with Dell Technologies – is a programme of dedicated learning and development events which are designed to enable members of the Digital Leadership Forum to innovate with new AI technologies in a responsible way.