Video: Resilience, Innovation and Agility with BCG

June 7, 2021

In May 2021, we held our eighth Asian Futures event live from Singapore on Building resilience through agile transformation

The case for becoming an agile organisation has been made. Now is the time to look beyond the hype and start implementing clear strategies to achieve an effective agile transformation to future-proof your organisation.

In today’s uncertain times, senior executives are now viewing enterprise agility not as a choice, but a strategic imperative. In Asia, agile organisations have stood out among the rest of the world and proved themselves to be ever more adaptable and resilient against competitors rapidly changing crises. So what are the practical steps that can be taken immediately by senior leaders to put their agile transformation strategy into practice?

Hear from Abhik Chatterjee, Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group discuss ‘Building resilience through agile transformation’.

Watch the presentation below:

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